"Make positive shifts in your life,

one vibration at a time."

A very warm welcome to Voyage of Transcendence!

Our minds are absolutely amazing. Did you know that our subconscious beliefs and programming run 95-99% of our reality, and that we create our lives from conditioning with beliefs and emotional blocks that we don't even realize we have?

We can all be positive every day with our thoughts, words and actions, but if we don't BELIEVE we can manifest good things, or we believe we don't DESERVE good things, then we won't attract them. Addressing and removing non-serving subconscious programing and belief systems allows you to take back your power and stand up and create an abundant and joyful life like you are meant to.

Are you ready to uplevel your energy and turn your life around so you can create better health, wealth, relationships and happiness, free from addiction, trauma, fear and other unwanted emotions?

Then read on!

Personal Coaching Session - 60 Minutes

Removing negative beliefs and programing from your subconscious is a wonderful, powerful, and fast way to remove blocks in any area of your life that aren't going your way. 

If you are experiencing any issues in your life; relationships, money, job, success, abuse or trauma, addictions, or would like to enhance your own intuition and learn how to increase your healing skills, or just wish to change your life for the better, this energy can help to accelerate them all. By intuitively locating the limiting and non-serving beliefs, they are safely and energetically removed from all your cells, DNA and genetics, past/present/future lives, and are also unplugged from the consciousness of humanity, and even more importantly from the SUBCONSCIOUS belief systems of humanity. 

This session includes any guidance from your guides, Akashic Records, and also any medical intuitive work that is necessary. Click here.

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Personal Coaching Sessions - 6 x 1 Hour

Save $200 by purchasing a block of 6 x 1-hour sessions.

These can be scheduled weekly or over no longer than three months at two sessions per month. Click here.

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The Transcend & Succeed TV Show

If you would like to be considered for a guest appearance on my show, please fill out this form and I'll be in touch!

The Transcend & Succeed TV Show is livestreamed on e360tv.com, AppleTV, AndroidTV, ROKU, Amazon Fire, Facebook and YouTube, and is available on-demand on all of them.

If you have a story to tell, and can educate viewers to inspire and motivate them to turn their lives around, please let me know.

You can see previous episodes here.

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Contact Me

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can contact me here.

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Transcend & Succeed Masterclass

Transcend & Succeed is a live Masterclass over 12 months. An experience that will provide education on how life works, enabling you to develop awareness, change your perceptions and hold a more positive approach to manifesting your life. 

You will receive energy healing to remove the effects of negative energies and emotions from both yourself and others, and dissolve conditioned unconscious (and unwanted) habits that create resistance to change. 

Treating the root cause removes the effects. This will be a very empowering course – are you ready to take back control of your life? Live attendance is not required as replays will be made available, and the course is yours to take as often as you wish. Click here for more information.

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Quantum Awakening - Meditation/Healing Events

Join Dawn Livingstone and Julie Scott, in our twice monthly lunar events. Click HERE for more information.

Dive deep into meditation and energy healing during the new moon, cultivating inner peace and higher vibrations.

On the full moon, dissolve negativity with collective meditation and healing practices, elevating planetary vibrations to create peace.

Experience personal and global transformation as we journey towards awakening and empowerment. Don't miss these opportunities to elevate consciousness and create positive change, one lunar cycle at a time.

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Courses, Offers & Memberships

Heal at your own pace and in your own time in the comfort of your own home. These days we are all so busy with work, kids, organizing life, that attending live webinars can prove a challenge. Take a look at courses, audio healing sessions, subliminal healing sessions, and monthly membership sessions available. Learn more here.

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Boost Your Immune System - FREE

Come and meet me, learn what I do, and experience a full hour of healing with this complementary mini course.

Listen to an audio healing session and check out my downloadable subliminal healing session as a bonus!

Click here.

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Discovery Session

Would you like to find out if working with me could benefit your life progress? If so, this 30-minute, free discovery session could alleviate any fears or answer any questions you may have. Click here.

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Subliminal Healings

The Dictionary explanation for ‘subliminal’ is “existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual.” In other words, it means operating at a frequency level that only the subconscious mind can ‘hear’, understand and process.

It’s outside our conscious audible range so you can’t hear it when you’re awake, but when you are ready to go to sleep, or have just awakened? Whoa!

Stress & Anxiety (3 x 1 hour) (available soon)

Have You Lost Your Mojo? (1 hour)

Are You Worthy of Receiving? (1 hour)

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Achieve Wellness - Book

Check out this fabulous book that I co-wrote with several other authors, to help you transcend the pain and suffering in your life!

Click here

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"I have worked with Dawn and her education is one of my favorites.

Dawn’s approach to wellness is incredible!"

Robert Raymond

CEO, Achieve Systems

"The subliminal healings from Dawn are so very powerful! They bypass critical awareness and logical reasoning to promote fast, long-lasting transformation. With only a few moments in, I start to feel the stress leaving my body and I’m immersed in pure relaxation. I start playing them just before bed and wake up energetic, fresh, and vital. I highly recommend these beautiful tools to all who can listen."

CR, Client

"I really enjoyed Dawn’s Stress and Anxiety recorded healings. The music is soft and very relaxing, and I noticed that just a couple of days later I really did feel much calmer.

I highly recommend these to anyone feeling overwhelmed and anxious about anything in their life. It works well!"

HK, Client

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