Meditation & Healing Events

for Seekers of Truth & Inner Peace

What Brought You Here?

* Do you desire to heal on any level but don't know where to start?

* Do you feel a little lost, stuck in a rut or adrift in life?

* Do you feel unfulfilled or that something is missing?

* Are you fed up with the state of the world?

* Are you tired of fear and division?

* Do you desire PEACE for yourself and the world?

* Do you know there is something bigger than the world we live in?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then keep reading!

Meet your Event Leaders!

Dawn Livingstone, an Ascension Coach and Energy Healer, is dedicated to elevating consciousness for the betterment of all beings on Gaia. With a focus on holistic well-being encompassing health, wealth, relationships, and happiness, Dawn's mission is to facilitate profound shifts in individuals and the collective.

Joining Dawn is Julie Scott, an Immersive Meditation Life Coach. Julie is committed to guiding others to their calm, peaceful Inner Self so they can tap into their true strength and clarity. With a unique blend of meditation and hypnotherapy, she helps you fully relax into a meditative state, followed by time for reflection and contemplation.

Together, Dawn and Julie lead this community towards a path of self-discovery, healing, and collective evolution.

About the Events

Through guided meditation, participants will access their Inner Self and connect to Universal Mind and nurture a collective shift towards peace, positivity and higher vibrational energy. Complementing this journey, healing energies infuse our minds and bodies with renewed vitality, paving the way for personal and universal transformation.

Each month, we host two transformative events aligned with powerful phases of the moon:

As the serene New Moon graces the sky, this is an opportunity to deepen our faith, trusting that the seeds we’re planting with our intentions will come to fruition.

At the Full Moon phase, we focus on releasing negative energy that perpetuates conflict and discord in ourselves and the world by harnessing the moon's luminous energy. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to gather not only to heal ourselves but also to heal the collective consciousness of the world. We desire to live in a positive, more loving world and we understand the weight of the energies of fear, war, guilt, shame, anger, and more that surround us daily.

These low energy vibrations permeate our world, affecting each and every one of us and humanity as a whole. We also know that by healing each individual that chooses to gather with the intention of creating wholeness within themselves, we will in turn create a powerful shift towards wholeness and positivity in the world!

We need YOU to help us spread the word so we can reach our goal of 9000 participants - read Our Inspiration below to understand why this number is significant!

Our Inspiration

We have been inspired by Gregg Braden, a well-known author and speaker in the field of consciousness and spirituality. He has often discussed the concept that a relatively small percentage of people focused on peace, harmony and wholeness can affect a change in the collective consciousness of humanity. 

He suggests that when a critical mass of individuals, specifically the square root of 1% of the population, collectively holds a certain belief or intention, they can in fact create a significant change. In relation to the United States of America, this is less than 2,000 people and in the entire world it’s less than 9,000! 

When this relatively small number of people hold a coherent intention or belief together in unison, it has the potential to shift the collective consciousness and positively impact the entire planet and this is exactly what we wish to achieve! 

Braden's insights highlight the power of unified consciousness and the interconnectedness of all beings and the importance of individuals coming together with shared intentions for healing, peace, and transformation.

We invite you to join us as we work to clear dense vibrations, transmuting them into love, peace, and compassion. As the state of the world shifts and evolves, so too will our focus, adapting to the needs of the collective consciousness. Together, we will raise our vibrations, nurturing our well-being, and creating spiritual growth. Let us all release the burdens of the past, forgive ourselves, and step boldly into a future illuminated by love and light.

Welcome to our sanctuary of healing, welcome to our sanctuary of love.

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